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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Viking´s Lament 

Each day in the life of the Viking
He pines for the one that he loves,
That glorious, golden-haired Valkyrie
Who rides in The Hunt up above,
He longs for her silken caress,
For the warmth of her Goddess-like breath
And he knows he will carry this love that he has
like his sword, by his side,
'Til his death... 

He remembers her swan-coat thrown on the ground,
The simmering heat of her touch,
And strong as he is, this Norse Viking man,
This longing is almost too much,
He knows that in battle she watches
And turns the arrows flight,
And knowing she's there in the blood-thickened air
He yearns for the terrible fight...

Valkyrie, wend your way downward
To Midgard's green forests and hills,
And stay with your warrior Viking
Who for your love breast-dew will spill,
He longs for your love and affection,
He stares at the stormy sky,
He patiently waits for a glimpse of your face
As The Wild Hunt Rides by...

© Johnny Whitebread

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