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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Tree

Would you know more? It whispers to me.
Through branches and leaves; this ancient tree.
I stand before its majesty; gazing at the sight.
And something in me shudders with fright.

Branches stretch old and gnarled;
Roots dig deep into nine worlds.
Nine worlds sheltered in the tree;
Beneath root and lofty canopy.

As I gaze upon the windswept tree;
My heart is clutched by agony.
And about me the stars they swirl;
And my thoughts begin to unfurl.

Would you know more? whispers the tree.
It's voice a seeming melody;
Of whispered words blown through leaves.
A soothing spell that slowly weaves...

The noose that hangs upon that ancient tree.
I touch the rope; promise of misery.
Yet the windswept branches do entice;
And call me to their sacrifice.

Enchanted by its soothing song;
I stand firm; yet I long...
To touch this silent mystery.
To claw the bark and climb the tree.

And the God of cunning and of wiles;
Spear in hand; he slowly smiles.
Will you dare; what was dared by me?
And brave the noose upon the tree.

2005 Matilda Marks

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