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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Tale of Cif                     The Tale of Cif MP3   OGG

High on Bilskirnir´s roof I sit
Watching for distant lightning flash
Or flight of birds from a faraway wood
Disturbed by rolling thunder-crash

Wishing for my hero homeward
Listening for his thunderous trade
Hoping that he journeys meward
To our lonely marriage bed

Striding out across Bifrost
Eager for a wrong to right
Forgetting all in his hot anger
Looking forward to the fight

Leaving me alone and grieving
Never thinking of the pain
I vow each time, this is the last time
That my hearts melts, "He´s home again."

Red-haired, red-handed, furnace-tempered
Bloodstained, sweating from the fight
My love, my lord, this monstrous killer
Sleeps childlike in my arms tonight.

For I alone remain his comfort
I alone must hear his cry
His nightly struggle with the Serpent
Iormungand, that never dies.

I know his doom never leaves him
My love cannot his fear abate
It is the secret curse that binds us
To be a god is to know your fate.

© Text, reading: Davkin

This work is under a Creative Commons License.
Copyright for these works is jointly held by the original author of the work, its reader,
its producer TwoFiftyEight Limited (UK Pagan). Each party holds copyright for their
individual contribution to the work. All have consented to release the work under the
Creative Commons License.

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