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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Star (Dedicated to Sunna)

A gleam in the span of northern night
On snow crusted fields it is winter light
Afar past the clouds in the sea beyond
Lay the stars we have all heaped our wishes on

Points in the cosmic weave of all
Guides from that sea with a siren call
Hopes spawned of them make us ever reach
To the worlds which they warm we shall ever seek

A star in the black, what a lovely thing
A flare fires wonder and makes us dream
Are we alone gazing upwards, into them
To distant eyes of our starborn kin

How they swirl in the dust of a billion years
How they move in the dance of the brilliant spheres
Each one sings its name for electric ears
And cries out its light with the hottest tears

© 2006 Rob Crocker           Rob Crocker´s Blog

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