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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Silent Moon

Steadily I sing to the Silent Moon.
The Wolf Within howls heartily tonight.
His presence has been my great bane and boon,
To attack and defend in every fight.

My howls, hailing up the heavens’ night sky,
Ask: “Are there any other wolves out there?”;
“Do my conquering companions draw nigh?”;
“Or do fierce and worthy foes gather near?”

I can hear other wolves, but where are they?
Allfather, lead me ever vigilant,
Beyond to honourable destiny,
And away from disgrace so virulent.

I hear other wolves, but can they hear me?
Valfather, I fight to govern my fate,
Though I put my trust in You verily.
My time shall come ne’er too soon, nor too late.

Woden, to be a wolf within Your pack
Is the greatest blessing and curse of all.
Though your wolves always have each other’s backs,
The wolf’s very nature will cause his fall.

This wolf knows its own nature through feeling
The hatred of love, the pleasure of pain,
The unbreakable Will, never kneeling,
And the prospect of what there is to gain.

Woden, wisdom You gained from wanderings,
Served well to grant You strength of form and mind.
Likewise, I look to my own ponderings
And hope to find other wolves of my kind.

So, tonight I sing to the Silent Moon,
Glowing on me its cold, comforting light.
I hear the other howls; I’m not alone.
Of victory, I shall know the delight.

© Justin Douglas Blackford

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