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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Pole Stone

I am PAN,
I am PAL,
I am the Pole that grows from the earth.
I am the power
That rises from the earth,
The beat of the heart
Which glows in the earth.

I am PAN, I am PAL,
I am the pole, the arrow!
I lift the grass, I lift the trees,
I lift animal and man
High up into the light.
I give
Strength to their legs,
Lust to their lives,
Diversity in the antlers of HERNE.

I am PAN, I am PAL,
I rise
From the glowing heart of the earth
I am the lightning jumping up
into the clouds.
The ram which spreads fertility,
The bull which draws the furrows.
The fox in ambush,
The tower which cleaves the dance of clouds,
The cats´ cry in the night!

I am PAN, I am PAL,
yes, FREY am I, the old
forever young god  FREY
and freedom, joy, and peace,
fertility I give.

Come, FREYA, yes! enfold me!
You star of stars:
MOON! Be around me, yes,
devour now your dragon!
Deep from the earth I grow!

© Original: "Der Pfahlstein", Dan Nielsen     Solmaanen.dk
© Translation: Dan Nielsen, Michaela Macha

Note: The Externsteine (Extern Stones) are a site in Germany, reputedly an ancient place of worship.

Image: Two monolithes in Wassu/The Gambia; detail. © Ikiwaner.
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License.

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