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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Norsemen 

Ratatosk scampers up the rough bark 
The World Tree is dying 
The dragon gnaws at its roots 
Even while hope is flying 
In the form of the eagle and 
Hawk at the brow 
The deer stripping branches bare 
Here between the earth and sky 
Stands all worlds that we ever shared 
Yggdrasil is dying even as are we 
Life has no opposite though death to birth be 
And so we gather courage 
Between our bonds we are free 
Oaths of family and blood and truth shall see 
An ettin’s strength of arm 
The Vanir’s swell of soul 
Aesir’s call from high above 
And landspirits from mount to shoal 
Here we stand and here we are 
The old ways in our hearts 
Here we call and hear the answer 
The old ways in our hearts 

© Joanna van der Hoeven     Instinct & Inspiration: A Collection of Poems - Joanna´s new book

Image: "Yggdrasil", © Thyra 2005.   Thyra´s Gallery

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