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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Nerd-Dís's Niðstöng

Vefara fared forth, ftp’d five files,
Sought she script-kiddies, service-stealers.
Craven crackers, callous cowards!

Woe they’d wrought, woe their thought-- woe they’d reap!
She wove stranded cables, wove, and sang:

First file finding--ftp foiling
Phisherman failing, fouled on firewalls.

Second song singing--seek shell no more
Script-kiddies silenced--suckers, sign off!

Calms she third the raucous thurs-chat,
Crackers’ calls crumble, servers net-split

Winding ‘round fourth wily word-spears
Willing worms to wander witless, westward to water.

Fifth, singing a daemon, singing to her Sharptooth
Skull-mounted stang, to safeguard the server.

Vefara weaves the cables,
sets Sharptooth to searching
Working woe to woe-wishers, woe to woe-workers,
Frith-finding to friends, fond of the frithful
Working only weal when well is wished.

© Lorrie Wood


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