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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Meditative Trance

As I wake in the forest
On grassy patch beneath the tree
With all that I can see
I rise and begin to trod
Down deer trail long
I see the great world tree
Tis grand in both size
And in its awe-inspiring beauty
Seated before it is the great Allfather
Unbeknownst to me
Tis his call though that I heed
I step into the clearing, around Yggdrasil
As he rises to greet me
I see at his feet
Runes, which he sacrificed so much for
One gift of many to man
Two gently flowing rivers
On either side of the great world tree
He motions for me to drink
I am pulled away to my Midgard home
I remember as though it were yesterday
My trip to see Odin
At last I am home with my kin and folk

Joshua Gillaugh

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