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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Long Road

Ygg´s yearning still yawns;
As far from fulfillment
As when doughty draughts were downed,
And noose new-known,
As when sight found Sight.

What wonders were won!
Who wonders what waits?
Way-weary, worlds-weary,
Wodan, Wanderer.

His hungers hound him,
Proud passions prod him.
The Long Road runs ever,
Rolls far past horizon.

Dare you the darkness?
Try then the trials:
Swift the spear flashes,
Swift that pain´s passing.

Would you win wisdom?
Try then the trials:
Fast the noose neck-breaks,
Fast then you´ll fall.

Seek you still secrets?
Try then this trial:
That frees, and yet fetters,
It binds even Bolverk:

Ride you the Long Road,
Ride, and rest never,
Ride, win wide wisdom,
The yearning yours always.

© Lorrie Wood             Hrafnar

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