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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Journey

Grasp the rune; and close my eyes.
Take the journey; let my spirit rise.
Pound the staff; hear it drum.
Ride the beat; it has begun.

I miss you when...I'm away too long.
I've wandered in chaos...on my own.
Take the journey; let my spirit seek.
For my body's weary; and soul is weak.

Floppy hatted stranger; I see through your disguise.
With your looks so deep; and words so wise.
What secrets do you hold? that you will never tell.
What secrets did you grasp? before you finally fell.

For I strain to see...what does lie.
Behind that single piercing eye.
Like a Valkyrie; for my father I thirst.
And strain to see the wonder; mixed within the curse.

2005 Matilda Marks


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