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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Goddesses' Revenge

The gods have fought with etinkind;
both gods and etin met their doom that day.
Grasping that victory was at hand,
Surt cast fire over the whole land;
Muspell's sons set out to destroy the world.
The heavens quake,
the sky splits asunder.
Freyja rides out of Folkvang,
beneath her banner rides a horde of chosen warriors,
to avenge her brother's death.
All the goddesses were there,
Gerd and Skadi too.
Freyja sought out Surt
and gave him his death blow in single combat.
Muspell's sons waver in disarray,
their leader fallen.
Frigg descends from Hlidskjalf
weeping for the world.
Her tears rain down upon scorched earth;
the army of Surt extinguished.
The time for new beginnings begins.

Jim Davis
Published in: "Drunk on the Mead of Inspiration", March 1997.

Author of "Basic Anglo-Saxon Paganism".

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