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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Echo of our Ancestors

The god of the desert
Imposed his sword
His cross oppressed us
And your name was forgotten

Many centuries passed
The spears broke
Brother against brother
The dark age arrived

Blood ran like a stream
In oblivion your people sunk
The eagle of the forests
Deadly collapsed

The new horn sounds
The echo of our ancestors
In the wind resounds
Calling our folk

From the woods and plains
In the jungles and cities
The reborn will wake up
With your combat fury

Your eternal traveler Goths
Found their destiny
In this beautiful land
To the call they will answer

The blood takes life
Spirits take flesh
Swords and drums will collide
Alliances will be restored

Once again
The eagle banner will wave
No more two heads
Only one united

It will gaze to America and Europe
That has woken up
Full of bravery and nobility
Hearts rise up

Wodan lord of victory
God of magic
Lord of runes
Allfather of all of us

Take us to the descendant
Of your Visigoth people
To the union, to the growth
Forging our destinies

Live in our hearts
Give us the strength of battle
Be the lightning that breaks ignorance
Spear of truth be your judgments

Grant victory to our weaknesses
The Odinist Visigoths swear to you
To preserve your ancestral tradition
In our generations

Let us live with honor
Follow the 9 noble virtues
With Faith, family and native country
So our folk reborn

Death we will be some day
Filled with passion we will follow
Your call will be bear in mind
In our hearts

© Hoen Falker

Hermandad Odinista del Fuego Sagrado México
Odinist Brotherhood of the Sacred Fire México
Irmandade Odinista do Fogo Sagrado México

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