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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Early Wheat Harvest

The seed was planted by Golden Haired Sif.
Conceived in the womb of Jord.
Protected by the Mighty Thor.
Nourished by the rains of Freyr.
Raised to maturity by the bountiful Freyja.

Farmers cut and bind the stalks.
Thresh out the wonderful kernels.
Maidens throw you to the wind.
Seperated, the chaff blows away.

Fenja and Menja work the grindstones.
They sing their familiar mill song.
Flour turns to dough,
The dough baked to bread.

The elder women offer to the village priest,
The first baked bread this season.
In the harvested wheat fields a ritual,
An offering to the mighty Gods.

The Gods they are well pleased.
The Gods blessing rains down on the field.
The yearly cycle is now complete.
The early wheat harvest a success.

Glenn Bergen, July 28th, 2011

A Follower Of  The Old Ways
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