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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Coming of Freya

Before the coming of time
the Aesir built up Asgard;
out of the creative matrix of chaos
the rising gods and goddesses made their halls.
As order rides the waves of chaos;
so were the foundations of Asgard unstable.
And so at the proper time,
out of their etin-home,
the Norns came to the tree.
Time caused the gods and goddesses to worry about their wyrds.
It was at this time that Woden began to wander,
began to search the nine worlds for wisdom
and lonely women.
In Vanir-home he met and loved the Alf-king's sister Freya
who taught him the mysteries of seith-magick.
She knew him by the name of Od
when they lived together
and she wept tears of red gold when he left.
She followed him across the worlds
before finding him at Asgard with his wife.
She stood before Hlithskjalf,
in the hall Valhalla,
and Woden stirred up the Aesir against her.
Fear arose within the Aesir
so they set upon her with spears.
Three times she was burnt;
three times she rose from the ashes
and even now she lives amongst us.
Her folk the Vanir were enraged at the treatment given her
and took up arms to avenge this outrage.
The Aesir met the Vanir on the field of honor;
Woden cast his spear over the enemy
starting the first war.
First one side and then another would appear to win.
Then Vanir magick brought down Asgard's walls
and the Aesir agreed to peace.
In turn, the good Vanir did not lord over the Aesir
but united with them instead.
Thus the gods and goddesses of order
united with the deities of chaotic fertility
to make the foundations of Asgard stable.

Jim Davis

Published in: "Drunk on the Mead of Inspiration", March 1997.
Author of "Basic Anglo-Saxon Paganism".

Image: "Freya", Konstantin Vasiliev, Russian Painter

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