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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Claiming 

Stand before me, brave one
Know your nakedness, and know my own.
Feel the scars wended cross your chest
I have taken you and made you whole again.

Fought well and fallen, I found you.
Held you in my arms as your twilight was met
Kissed your bloodied lips, and claimed you for my own.
Know that the falcon flies swift before the raven.

You know very well who I am.

Look at me.
Touch my warm skin with your longing
Hold me in your scarred arms, trembling
Cry with me in howls of pleasure
Lay with me, and watch the sun rise.

Tomorrow, you will feast in the halls of Folkvangr
Tonight, you are mine.

2006 Wayne Earl. All rights reserved.

Image: Helgi, Svava and Sigar (detail)

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