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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Calling of the Grey Wanderer

O far-travelling, Sky-Cloaked Wanderer,
From the far, ancient lands
We call to you across mountain and forest,
And the far, limitless greenlands;
We call to you across distant time
And a hundred hundred slow turnings
Of the vast spindle of the sky.
We call to you in lands of mystery,
Where ravens wheel in darkening skies,
And the far calling of wolves
Echoing eldritch through crisp night wind
Brings close the strange far worlds
Where humankind never has trod.
We call to you beyond the distant icy tundra
And the vast plains of snow
Beneath the unearthly rippling and flowing
Of the dark northern skies´ boreal lights
To the golden gates of far Valhall
Where the shimmering bridge of rainbow
Links the dark Middle Earth of men
With the shining realms of the Gods.
Come to us now and be with us here,
Great Odin !

© Ed Fitch, from his book "The Rites of Odin".

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