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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Calling

Father, please tell me who I am,
I am confused and do not understand.
Mother, please tell me where I belong,
I feel lost and do not know where to go.

Brother, help me, I do not hear your God,
I feel so alone with no where to turn.
Sister, help me, I hear whispering in my ears,
The words are comforting, but I am afraid.

Friend, help me, my soul is lost,
I cannot see through my darkness.
Stranger, direct me to my destination,
For I cannot decide which way to go.

Ancestors, hold out your hands to me,
So I may discover our ancients ways.
Freyja, calm the anger in my heart,
So I may understand Your love.

Odin, show me the light of Your wisdom,
So I might understand Your words.
Thor, protect me from my fears,
Give me the strength to join You !

Glenn Bergen, 1985

A Follower Of  The Old Ways

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