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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Ballad of the Slain

The Chosen have made their Vow
and Given of themselves to the Valfather.
If you listen to the Wind
You can hear Their call,
“I am wounded by the Gar
and must hang My Nine Nights.
My Souls I have given for Knowledge
and Secrets of the Hidden Ways.”

The Choice was Theirs to make.
They weighed the Price and judged its worth.
Standing near the River,
the roaring takes a Voice,
“As the River carves the stones,
So, too, will I carve my own Fate.
I will bring an end to the Wolf Age
and end this Era of Hate.”

I, too, have taken the Knot.
I follow my new father Grimnir.
My testament can be heard in My Fire,
“As the Flame gives off Light,
as the wood is consumed,
I will destroy Ignorance
and be a Beacon for my Brothers and Sisters
For whom I proudly wield my Lance.”

The Age of the Wolf is near its end
and when I die the Valkyrie will Take my Souls.
When I am gone
And my ashes return to the Earth
And I am lain in Mound.....

© *4ofwands             *4ofwands on DeviantArt

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