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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The ABC's According to Beowulf

A is for Aesir, the Norse gods of old.
B is for Beowulf, our hero so bold.

C is for Cattle on which Grendel feeds.
D is for Drinking from horns full of mead.

E is for Epic, a tale of great glory!
F is for Feats like the ones in this story.

G is for Grendel with more brawn than brains.
H is for Hrothgar the king of the Danes.

I is for Ichor, which all monsters ooze.
J is the Journey to bring Beowulf news.

K is for Killing the monsters in dens.
L is for Leaving. Goodbye Hrothgar's men.

M is for Meadhall for drinking and singing.
N is for Norsemen with chainmail a ringing!

O is Old English. (See? There's my citation.)
P is for Pyre: a hero's laudation.

Q is for Quiet, it works like a charm,
else our hero is Ripping off Grendel's left arm.

S is for Sleeping once drinking is done.
T is for Treasure like Hrothgar's big throne.

U is for Unferth, gave a sword to our star.
V is Valhalla where dead Norsemen spar.

W is for Warband so the hero won't worry.
X is for Xena. (Who's not in this story.)

Y is Yggdrasil, that's Odin's World Tree.
Z is for zombies. (They're in the next book, you see!)

Rathflaed DuNoir

The Black Bard of Meridies

mka: Stephen R. Melvin, member of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Beowulf - The Storybook Version on Amazon. 

Watch the Youtube Video, and find more Beowulf stuff on www.beowulfstory.com.

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