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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Tyr : God Of War

Mighty one-handed God of War,
Brave tales of You are told in lore.
Despite being descended from Jotun seeds,
The Gods have accepted You for Your deeds.

Power You have over victory in battle,
Victors You choose from up in your saddle,
Tyr changes the course of war and of strife,
One King will live, the other loses life.

The wolf was raised within Odin's Hall,
Only Mighty Tyr would go near him at all.
Tyr alone had courage enough to give it feed,
Fenrir is pure evil, the mightiest of its breed.

Tyr placed his hand in the mouth of Fenrir,
The fetter held, the hand surrendered.
Tyr shows off His wolf-joint with great pride,
It bound the beast, its freedom denied.

Loki insulted You in Ale-Brewer's Hall,
But on deaf ears Loki's words did fall.
None of the Gods believed the lies Loki said,
They knew Fenrir now had a cave floor for its bed.

We are honored by You, Great Warrior God Tyr,
Proud and amazed at the way You face fear.
Help us to battle our inner demons this day,
Great Warrior God Tyr, please show us the way.

Glenn Bergen, October 17, 2011

A Follower Of  The Old Ways
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