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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



I will hail the grey God
Who walks in places neither light nor dark.
I will hail the One Who holds duty to tribe and clan,
even above the binding vow of His sworn word,
in vanquishing the outlander.
I will hail Him who bears the sword as His symbol:
decisive, ruthless, just.
I will praise Him who sees what must be done
and quietly completes his duty.
He asks for neither praise nor glory,
boasts not with mighty words in the Hall.
He asks nothing but stands firm,
steering His way clearly through murky waters.
He is mighty, this God,
His glory found in His sword
and the hand He sacrificed.
I will hail Him as He faces the wolf, this warrior
Who betrays for honorís sake.

© Galina Krasskova 

From:  "Exploring The Northern Tradition"


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