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~ By Courtesy of Others ~




Tyr, took to heel a pup
severed by fate from family,
given to the Gods
in fear and mistrust--
None dare approach him,
none dare to feed him,
but brave-hearted Tyr,
his keeper to become--
Fenrir knew not need
for the friendship offered,
knew not loneliness
for the companionship given,
knew the fear that was felt
by others who did surround
and scoffed--
When brought forth,
were chains to bind him
Fenrir knew uncertainty,
looked for reassurance,
for honor, good conduct--
Whom was there to offer this?
Of all the Gods,
there was only Tyr--
His heart held compassion
for the deed about to be committed,
his head held foreknowledge
that consequence must follow deed--
He it was, who stepped forth,
hand held forth,
boldly, in semblance of peace,
to place it in the maw of the wolf--
He it was who paid the price of shame,
paid the weregild even as demanded,
while back stood the AEsir,
back stood the Vanir,
quivering in Sunna's fading light,
as a cold wind blew over the gathered crowd.
Fenrir's mouth closed wet,
Fenrir's mouth closed hot,
Fenrir's teeth were sharp,
as he struggled with the enchanted chain--
When finally Fenrir gave to the inevitable
knowing himself leashed for true,
so did Tyr know that ever would he leave
a part of himself with the wolf
he had tended as a pup,
who had given him his trust--
He pulled his arm from the bloodied maw,
looked upon what was his to remember,
the deed of courage none could argue,
hobbled would he be in battle,
just would he be ever after,
Tyr the one handed,
Tyr the courageous,
Tyr the compassionate,
Tyr who shines forth from the heavens.
As he walked between the crowd
he held his head high
as others held theirs bowed.
Hail Tyr.
We give you honor.

Ayla Wolffe

* Wolffe's Ways - Aylas former Blog * Children of Eir - Support for Disabled Folk * Ayla can be found on Facebook

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