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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Turning of the Seasons

Winter's cruel grasp
Weakens but slow
Sun while growing is young

Snow grips the North
Life bound in chains of ice
Ettins walk once more

Winds of their passing
Cracking trees pulled down
Carving drifts of snow

Where lies the hammer?
Whence flew the ravens?
Will they return?

Frost reigns supreme
Did gold apples wither?
Aging Gods dying?

Evil grips Midgaard
Men cry for succor
Facing long sleep

Runebringer awake!
Necklace winner sleep no more!
Redbeard fight the foe!

Rout frosty giants
Send them north once more
Springtime is here.


Matt Ottercat 1997-02-11

Ottercats Homepage with more lyrics
Images: 1) Carlshamns Commersen (www.commersen.se)
2) Free clipart from Tripod

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