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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


By authorīs special permission, may be freely shared for private, non-commercial purposes, 
as long as it remains intact and this copyright notice is included.

Tribute to Tyr and Zisa

To Tyr we pay Tribute---His actions inspire awe,
Sacred is Tyr's essence---neither of fault nor flaw.

Our model and mentor---of all that we hold high,
Nine are His noble traits---on Tyr one can rely.

Saxnot of the Saxons---Hermin in days of yore,
God of the World-Column---Earth's axis and ur-core.

As ancient Irmin-God---our Glory-Father reigns,
Shape and form He sustains---as He molds and maintains.

The Heavens Tyr upholds---Earth and Sky He divides,
O'er the order of all---World-Pillar God presides.

Sovereign of the North Star---a bright Beacon that guides,
Through trial and travail---our Advocate abides.

For Tyr's Troth is honed true---ever He fares on course,
Carved high across Edge-Hill---Reidh's mark of the Red-Horse.

As sign of right action---of sound thought, word, and deed,
The Judge-King and War-King---is well-known for Wise-rede.

Key Ruler of Reason---the Grand-sire to Insight,
Our Daysman of Disputes---hight Meotod of Might.

As the High Lord of Law---Tyr's tenets rule AlThing,
Settles strife midst kinsmen---whether workman or king.

His rune Hallows weapons---Blessing shaft, hilt, and brand,
Tiwaz shall strengthen them---to Arms of Arch-command.

Battle-Tyr is baneful---He wreaks woe against foes,
Honor He grants Just-kin---bravery He bestows.

Thus when unfairly wronged---one can call upon Tyr,
With firm aim and focus---He sends His swift Rune-Spear.

Hate, hurt, or harm to kin---He balances the bale,
Avenging woe for woe---Tyr's Sig-force shall prevail.

Power and Precision---infuse our foes with fear,
Pierced by their own bale-will---Tyr's justice we revere.

Our One-handed Hero---is Drighten of Brave Deeds,
Well vested in Valor---in Heroics He Leads.

Care-keeper of Fenris---the feral wolf Tyr fed,
Strong iron bonds thrice broken---filled the Gods with grim dread.

With great skill the Swart-Alfs---crafted a slim Ken-cord,
Which bound the Wild Wolf's strength---thus order was restored.

Tyr as Best of the Bold---God of Self-Sacrifice,
Gave for the good of All---His own Hand as Oath-price.

We give Tribute as well---to Tyr's Consort and Queen,
Goddess of the Germans---She of Masterful Mien.

Zisa of Victory---wears Courage as Her Crown,
Whitest veil of Valor---and Blood-red Battle-gown.

Wrapped in a Golden-cloak---cloth wove from Clarity,
Sewn with strands of Wisdom---Virtue and Verity.

Holding a Torch of Truth---our Goddess guides the True,
A Flame for the Faithful---Her path we shall pursue.

To Tyr and to Zisa---we offer heartfelt praise,
As Divine Defenders---of Holy Heathen Ways.

Đ Rhonda Turner

Authorīs Notes:
Bale--woe, harm, evil
Brand--sword blade
Daysman--mediator, arbitrator
Edge Hill--a place at Tysoe, seven miles from Banbury.
Hermin--Widukind wrote around 970 in a Saxon Chronicle a description of the setting up of a column to honor Mars. He stated that the name of Mars was Hermin. Gods and Myths of the Viking Age (pg. 196) by H. R. Ellis Davidson.
Hight--named or called
Ken-cord--referring to the Kenaz rune--considered the rune of creativity and craftsmen. As well it is the sixth rune of the Elder Futhark and the ribbon the Swart-alfs created consisted of 6 items.
Nine Noble--courage, truth, honor, fidelity, discipline, hospitality, industriousness, self-reliance, perseverance.
Red Horse--an ancient red horse is cut on the hill slope of Edge Hill and was scoured every Palm Sunday until the close of the 18th century. It is believed that the horse and place are sacred to Tyr. Gods and Myths of the Viking Age (pg. 60).
Reidh--(riding) referring to the Raidho rune, part of the rune's essence is right order and action.
Tiwaz--rune that expresses just victory, as well the shape is seen as the world column upholding the heavens.
Saxnot--the Saxon's name for Tyr, may originally have been Sahsginot or sword companion.
Ur--prefix used to indicate primal
Zisa--or Cisa. The 11th century patroness of Augsburg, Germany, where earlier the Suebi had honored Tyr. With Zisa's aid the Germans won a great victory over the Romans. September 28th is the Feast of Cisa, a time of merrymaking, games, and a celebration believed to have some connection with harvest. September 29th is St. Michael's day, which Jacob Grimm thought might have replaced a day of honor which had originally been dedicated to Tyr. The ship and the pinecone (as protecting the seeds within) are Her emblems. The Raum-Trollhattan bracteate shows a female figure with one hand in the mouth of a beast--perhaps implying that like Tyr, Zisa is a goddess of self-sacrifice for the good of others.

Rune information from Futhark and Runelore by Edred Thorsson

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