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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Oh, my Lord, there is no way for You to trespass upon me.
For You and You alone, I would open every door;
for the merest whisper of Your presence, I would unbar
the cloistered gates of my heart,
and share with You my every treasure.
What use would these things be without You?
Any treasures I have would turn to dross, were I bereft of You.
You, my God are the skilled thief who comes in the night,
only to find I have gifted You with already with the keys to my hall.
And I greet You not with fear, but with delight.

This is my wish, my cry of longing:
Plunder me, oh my God, leave no part of me unassailed.
Gladly shall I cast myself adrift into the grip of Your fury.
You are the predator the prey itself seeks out.
Willingly shall I enter Your snare.
I want to drown myself in You, Woden.
The fury I beg of You to unleash upon me
is the most precious cargo my heart could ever hold.
Why do You deny me this thing?
I think You are too tender, my Lord, too caring.
I would far rather cast myself heedlessly into Your raging waters
than watch from the safety of a lonely pier.

For this moment only, I shall allow my hunger for You to make me bold;
I shall chide You, Beloved,
for You do not trespass enough upon these shores.
Without You, I am rudderless and empty.
How could it be otherwise? My purpose, Woden, lies
in being trapped within your storm.
It is Your fury that sustains me.
It is Your battering winds that give me strength.
Remove them and my heart lies fallow.
I am as broken timber cast upon an enemy shore.
Or a ship without purchase upon the calmest of seas.

So do not be kind, my Lord, do not be tender,
not if it separates me from You.
Simply be as You would be, my Warrior.
And I will be content in You.

Galina Krasskova

Image: Cover Image detail from "The Open Door", album by Evanescence.
Photo: Frank Ockenfels III.

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