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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Tree of Pain

As I walked and I worked
the wounds of my service
lit my every step with fire

I hung between calling the sword of rage
or meditation's shield
to take me out of the pain

When I chose instead, for reasons unknown
to open wide my arms
and offer to Odin as a gift

As if in answer, adrenaline surged
my gift refused, unworthy
the rage of long habit slipped leash

With iron will I chained the beast
and hung in my pain for answers;
Like Odin on the Tree

Why refused my offer was?
the answer surged from my memory
bitter as the serpents spume

My child's face when yesterday
rage I chose over pain
and lashed her with my spite

The weakness mine, the payment hers
the shame burns so cold
as the pitiless eye of my Lord

Pain, a coin like any other
to spend for what you will;
like the loving smile of a child.

Never again, a child to pay
what should by my pain be bought
by my name, by my oath, I vow

Now I hang on the Tree of Pain
between the shield of peace, and the sword of rage
in the stormlash laughter of my Lord.

John T Mainer, April 30 2005 

This work by John T Mainer is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives License.

The Freyr's Press of the Heathen Freehold Society of BC:
Kindertales and Kindertales 2 by John T Mainer et al.

Image: John Howe, www.john-howe.com

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