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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


To Var

The circle of light,
like lantern-shine,
Falls on friends and family
forming oaths unspoken,
Inherent in gestures,
gracing the gleam
Of hearthfire,
as hand to hand,
We keep the kindled
light tended here,

The circle of firelight
defines a home
Where Var holds the hearth
And hallows the hall
With ancient be-longing,
With constant companionship,
Consistant communion,

A keeping of kinship
Re-shaping in firelight,
The oathring encircles,
Frith-keeping, kin-warding,

The circle,
The hearthfire,
The kin-light
Be-longing to you,
Lady of the Aesir,
Hear us here,
Gathered near,
In the circle
Of your hearthlight

Tending embers.

Hazel-Kate Dooley

Image: Carlshams Commersen (http://www.commersen.se)

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