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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

To the Folk, their Eyes and Ears

I write my words, I hum my tunes
I bring it all, into one shape
My staves fly out, unto the world
What gives them Worth? Those who do hear.

To be a Skald, is wonderful
To feel the kick, of Odin's Mead
To have a bit, of Bragi's Wit
To know the words, of Saga's Hoard

But without Folk, whose eyes and ears
Do see and hear, my efforts bold
I shout at self, tis pitiful
No man should be, without others

For Skald is of, his Folk and Kin
His words and deeds, their words and deeds
His hopes and dreams, their hopes and dreams
All come to make, his draught from Well

For Gods and Man, are halves of Whole
And Skald and Folk, are likewise thus
We give to each, a Gift of Maegn
Our Orlays swirl, within the Well

Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr, Spring Turning 1003 VR

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