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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


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Tools of Frith

Hoary-bearded Drighten of the Gods,
Asgardr's best rune-rhymer,
Bear your over-hooded eye upon the Freehold now
While your deep-flooded eye sees wisdom.

Earth's Lover, Father of Mjolnirs-Wielder,
Loafman for keen and steady Frigg,
Speak earth-might runes, and hug-runes, and right-runes
Into the heart of every Freeholder, Fosterman and Friend.

Fair Vana who is the Valkries' leader,
Ward of the Slain, and luck-bringer in Love,
Turn your feathered cloak towards Midgard,
to gentle the hearts of the folk.

Brave Sky-father hight the One-Armed God,
Gave his hand to the wolf to stave off doom,
Lord of Things, touch our dreams tonight,
to make hale and whole our better judgment.

Lord of Frith, Freya's Good Brother,
whose rod makes green the land,
King of Elves teach us the tools of peace,
and how to use them. 

Dan Ralph Miller            

 Dano Hammer - Heartfelt Heathen Hip-Hop

Image: "The Norse Gods Descending", Collingwood, 1890

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