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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

A prayer to Tiw, goddess of law, nobility, and divine guidance. On the left is the text for the Anglo-Saxon version, on the right, the modern English version.

Tiw's Prayer

Law god ---whole abide.
Thing god---strong king,
You fed the wolf--when others would not,
You took his troth---when tied was he,
Your hand took the wolf---when you bound the outlaw,
So one handed god---they call you.
Tiw you are a symbol---you hold troth well,
With the princess---when you travel,
Over night's mists---never do you mislead.
Victory symbol to many---loyal leader on paths,
Those whom right hold dear---Your hand call on,
For truth---for law, and for what's dear,
For great deeds---and mighty words.
The poeple praise you Temple---and praise your name,
Victory lord---Truth father,
One handed god---law god;
Deem good our deeds---and our warriors.


we god---hl bode!
inges Tw---rymcyning,
fdest one wulf---e era gefrte,
nme his trwe---e get ws h,
n hand nm wolf---hwonne bande u wearg
sw nhende s---he inclypia .
Tw bist tcna---healdest trwa well,
wi elingas--- bist on frelde,
ofer nihta genihtu---nfre swcest.
Sigebacn t manigum---swiclas ldere sa,
he riht dore healt---n hand onccega
t se---t lage and lafe,
t mrum ddum---ond mihitigum wordum,
lode laa Heargwearde---ond lofia nne nama
nhende s---Aewe god;
Dm gd rum ddum---ond rum drengum!

Swain Wodening Canote

Swain and Teresa Wodenings Website


Image: "Tewaz", Analemma McKee Burrows.
Stained glass original, available at Analemmas Glass Art.

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