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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Thank You, Loki
For a month of celebrating You
Deepening my understanding day by day
The opportunity to come to know You better
The promise of knowing You deeper

Thank You, Loki
For pushing me to write each day
For making me express myself differently each poem and post
For letting me touch, if for a moment, a powerful piece of You

Thank You, Loki
For letting me know Your family just a bit better
For sharing Your pain with me, even if I will never fully grasp it
For letting me know Your Wives better than I did
For allowing me to know Your Children better

Thank You, Loki
For touching my heart through Your Love
For touching my heart through Your Pain
For touching my heart through Your Pleasure
For touching my heart through Your Patience
For touching my Heart through Your Presence

Thank You, Loki,
For blessing me with Your stories
For blessing me with Your Presence
For blessing me with a month full of praise to You, Your kin, Your Children, Your Wives

Thank You for being in my life, Loki
For blessings beyond count
For truths I have had to find inside me
For hidden feelings brought to light
For coming nearer to Your Holiness

Hail Loki Laufeyson!
Hail to Angrboda, Hag of the Iron Wood!
Hail to Sigyn, Lady of Staying Power!
Hail to Hel, Greeter and Keeper of the Dead!
Hail to Jormungand, Boundary-Keeper of Midgard!
Hail to Fenrir, Rage Unbound!
Hail to Narvi, Gentle Child, Victim-Bond!
Hail to Vli, Sweet Child, Mad-Driven!
Hail, Loki, to Your family, Your friends, and Your People
Your greatness, Your generosity, Your pains, Your family, Your blessings, will never be forgotten

Ves u heil!

Sarenth Odinsson

 Sarenth Odinsson's Blog

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