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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Thankful am I

Thankful am I, for each new day, when sundown comes.
Thankful am I, for the world-of-dreaming, at midnight and the under-morn.
Thankful am I, for the steadfast world, with the dawn of the sun.

Thankful am I, to come after those who came before.
Thankful am I, to come before those who will come after.
Thankful am I, for kinfolk who love me through weal or woe.
Thankful am I, for friends with me faring, over the calm or waters rough.

Thankful am I, for the world's finest makers, and their craft and cunning;
Those ghosts by whom my ancestors were gifted, with life and breath and mind,
speech and law and garments fine, and rede more wise than I wot.
Thankful am I, for each unfolding moment, in the way of Wyrd.

What an awesome ride!

Dan Ralph Miller 2009       

Dano Hammer - Heartfelt Heathen Hip-Hop


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