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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Talon And Claw

Swooping from Sunna's home,
on wings that stride alf-beam home,
a cry of victory burst forth--
Battle flashes forth
from every aspect of your being,
claws extend to tear,
to rend--

Falcon warrior,
Freyja's friend,
bring victory to the fields of battle
that await.
Your nobility reigns forth
even as you stride the waves that lie skyward.

Scatter tree-seed
Winged sleep rains from above
Claws tear, spirit rends,
Wyrd breeds victory from victory.

Spirits soar upon your wings,
finding strength within your call
finding cause within your flight,
finding shelter in your shadow.

Valkyries come, take your chosen
Eiherjar fill the halls of Volksvang
fill the halls of the Allfather.
Gungenir has soared and
falcon has played her part.

From the tree lined shadows,
golden-eyed death stalks now
Claws rend, hjarte tears
fylgia sword-storm joins.

Falcon screams, tiger roars
men die as magic the
mighty overcomes now.
Freyja's might today wins.

Wings of war wend their way
a shadow over the land,
giving death where will finds it's way.
Talon and claw join together
a team of undefeatable force,
fighting side by side,
giving victory or death in an instant
or an hour..
Always filled with graceful power.

Golden rises the sun,
as the battle boar shines forth,
bristles blazing in the heat of the fray.
Tension holds all others at bay.
Hildisvini bursts forth, giving out a mighty roar

Falcon, cat, and the sow
Lady Battle is joined.
Men die, victory is won,
Glory joins the well of the wyrd,
and Valhalla swells its ranks.
Ragnarok another day is forestalled.

Hail Valfreyja, Hail Vanadis!
May this battle give to thee glory in victory.
May it bring you joy in beauty fulfilled.

Ayla Wolffe
and Danny Harbison 

* Wolffe's Ways - Aylas former Blog * Children of Eir - Support for Disabled Folk * Ayla can be found on Facebook

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