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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



I have no words with which to woo a God.
Too often, I become mute in the onslaught of Your affections.
You overwhelm, my Lord, and whether the storm You bring is that of bliss or that of terror,
makes little difference: it is all too easy to lose myself within those dark eddies.

Odin, I will claw my way out of Midgard if I must to find a way to You,
or anchor myself here should that be Your wish, if by doing so I might lure You
out of Valhalla.
I have no fine words, no great beauty, no special skills to delight You.
There is only love and a devotion so all consuming
that I have become as burning flesh to Your brand.

All I can offer is the love of a heart so shredded love no longer has any place to hide.
I am bare before You, oh my God,
a wound laid bare to the touch of Your spear.
I have been overrun and vanquished.
Your relentless march across my world has left only hunger in its wake.
It is my purpose: to be devoured by You.
And in this alone, I am content.

Galina Krasskova

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