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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



 Sunlight shines over hearth and home,
I spend my days working toward a common goal,
Wash the dishes, make the bed,
Sweep the floos, let life happen at its natural pace.
I don't hurry, I don't rush, and I try to be,
Enjoying the sense of self that has arisen
Though it has taken years to reach this peace--
Many were the days gone by,
When I would measure time in minutes,
When I would not stop to feel the warmth
Of Sunna's blessing upon my skin,
Smell the grass as it grows,
Responding to the light beckoning it onward,
Ever onward, in the great game of life;
I live to feel the freedom of warmth set forth
By Sunna's caress upon my skin,
Leaving trace memories of touching my sons
As they fell asleep at my breast,
Babies who, when appetites were sated,
Knew safety lay in mother's warm regard.
I sing to myself nonsense songs
Where none can hear,
Knowing she will always oversee,
Appreciate the child I allow to frolic
Even if for but a moment--
When evening comes,
And sunset reigns,
Full is her glory--
Painted in rose, in lavender, in dusky hues,
The raiment of a queen,
And I adore her even more.
I walk the high road
With my walking stick,
Wishing I could but be among the clouds
A bird wending its way home.
To feel the subtle breezes,
To cry my appreciation,
In a voice made for adoration.
Oh Sunna take me to your breast,
And I shall sing you songs of love eternal.
We have come full circle,
From impatient youth,
To a middle ground,
Age, not my enemy but my companion,
Your shining face ever watching
As bud blossoms,
Becoming open to new possibilities,
I shall not fade under your light
But thrive, growing ever stronger
Living, learning, stretching,
Striving towards your nurturing warmth;
From sunrise to sunset
You measure out my days
And I will fear not the end--
Sunna my companion.

Ayla Wolffe

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