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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Stealing Brisingamen

Once while most of the Aesir were sleeping,
Heimdallr was standing watch,
From his Hall Himinbjorg,
All had seemed quiet.

Heimdallr began to hear,
What he thought were footsteps,
The footfalls were so light,
That he barley heard them.

The sound seemed ,
To be coming from Volkvangr,
The Hall of the Beautiful Freyja,
Turning towards Volkvangr.

Heimdallr saw that Freyja,
Was sleeping peacefully,
She was lying one here side,
With one hand lying on Brisingamen.

Heimdallr saw that Loki was standing,
There next to the sleeping Goddess,
He was staring intently at her necklace Brisingamen,
Thinking on how best to get the necklace from around Freyja’s neck.

Reciting magic galdr,
Loki began to grow smaller and smaller,
Turning himself into a little flea,
He then jumped on the Freyja’s couch.

Making his way under the sheets,
Loki found an open patch of skin,
He then bit her,
Until Freyja turn over.

Now seeing that Brisingamen was free,
And easy to get at,
He began to recited magic galdr,
Loki returned to his natural shape.

Loki began to unlace the necklace,
And slowly and carefully,
He pulled Brisingamen from Freyja’s neck,
And slowly turned to leave.

All the while Heimdallr was watching,
Gabbing his Boots called Seven-Leagues,
And then putting them one,
Then strapping his sword around his waist.

He soon caught up with Loki,
Drawing his sword,
He swung at the thieving Loki,
Heimdallr’s sword only passed through flames.

Loki had turned himself into,
A pillar of flames,
That towered upward,
He tried to escape in the brightness of the flames.

Heimdallr changed himself into a cloud,
And rose up after Loki,
Then he caused it to rain,
Nearly putting out the flames.

Loki then turned himself into a Polar-Bear,
And drank up all the rain,
Then tried to run,
But Heimdallr had turned himself into a larger Polar- Bear.

Attaching Loki,
He changed himself into a Seal,
Heimdallr then changed into a larger Seal,
They both fought long and hard.

Biting and scratching,
The waters,
Ran red with blood,
Loki then slipped put of his Seal skin.

Heimdallr changed back to his natural shape,
The he swung his sword at Loki’s head,
Loki then began to plead for his life,
He then gave up his prize to Heimdallr.

He let Loki go his way,
Heimdallr leaning on his sword,
He was glad that he got Freyja’s necklace back,
Though he was bleeding and in pain.

Soon Idunna showed up,
And taking a Gold Apple,
She handed it to Heimdallr,
He soon was healed from his wounds.

Heimdallr handed Brisingamen,
To Idunna,
And told her take it back to Freyja,
And to keep it in a safe place.

© Robert James Etter, May 06 2008

This poem is based on a story from Wilhelm Wagner’s book
"Asgard and the Gods - The Tales and Traditions of Our Northern Ancestors".


Author of "A Devotional: Honoring Thor and Family" and "Thor, Midgard's Veurr, and the Fylgja",
Both together in one book:
Thor, God Of The Common Man


Image: "Loke stiehlt Freyas Halsband", Friedrich Wilhelm Heine (1845-1921), German artist

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