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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Stag's Proposal

In chill of night, under starry cloak
Walk I did, many miles deep
Fare forth into, Hugr's forest
Until to a grove I came, by glimmering pond

Reflection shimmered, look I dared to
Lake still and deep, saw into mind's eye
Still much to do, yet of how I knew not
Horns I did have, yet antlers none

On dewy grass, I sat and thought
To the heavens, I sought for answers
In Yew dale deep I heard a rumble
A herd, a family, a tribe of beasts

Ran they by, to glimmering pond
The moon, he smiled in fullness bright
Light dancing on pond like flames
In light bathed, and a deer I became

To my right a great antlered beast arose
Like Sunna did he radiate, did he shine
Like Thorr he shook the earth
Kind was his gaze, deep and tranquil

Spoke to me did he, of many things
Guidance gave me, of many things
To walk in his hoof beats he offered
To gift me antlers, he did propose

Tears came forth, into the pond they did flow
Saw I my reflection, mannish form did I regain
Fared I forth, out of Yew Dales deep
Dawn came soon, slumber's end stalking

Sunna's face did not greet me though
In Hugr's well, in Ond's mirror
A presence so bright, so full did I peer
A beating in chest, of acorn's blossoming

Freyr's face, antlered no more
Freyr's face, rising over mountains of Yews
A smile so grand and a look so deep
Full of grace, shining on my path

Through deep forest of Yews I walked
Towards the Golden Grain God
Still do I walk, toward's rainbow's shimmer
Taking the pledge, gift for a gift

Every moment, you can turn it around
Every moment, Freyr calls out
Every moment, antlers will grow
Every moment, a gift is returned

Until Hel road I walk, and so we shall all
Of knowing not, will I of how my antlers are
Or of the stag I have become, from Freyr's mighty gift
This I know, as should all mannish kin

Of mighty deeds, let we be known
Of kindly words, let we be known
Of wisdom's truth, let we be known
Of love's generosity, let we be known

Until Hel road I walk, as shall we all
Until I come to Yew Dales deep
Until I come to memory's lake
Seeds will grow, and deer will run

Seeds will grow, and deer will run
Worlds all nine, dancing in time
To the beat of Freyr's drum
To the dance of his herd

A crown of antlers he did offer
If I but just reached out and grasped
A crown of antlers he did offer
an Oak to rise from a sapling

In Yew Dales deep, his sunny face shown
His path into the forest glowed
Be one with life, and one with honour
Antlers rise from within

Dance this life, and drink its wine
Do all with right good will
Then come again to this shimmering pond
And see what you may see

Deeds done right, and good will also
Gladdens the Ond when body fails
Life's fetters are loosed and to the ancestors we go
To Halls where we know no shame

This is the path of the Stag God
Of the Green Man and Golden Grains
Vanir's prince and Alfar's king
Let us be dressed, in our best, at His Thing.

© Robert Shawn Rowland

Gástlic Gang - A spiritual journey and life

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