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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Spring Song

Spring has a new song, can you hear its tune ?
It is carried on the winds, a blowing harmony.
It is written in the blue sky, like a mighty rune.
Sung by returning birds, as a great symphony.

Sunna dances across the sky in perfect unison.
The cicada's use their tymbals* to add a little chime.
Mani does a slow waltz when day's time is done,
While crickets play a slow rhythm keeping with the time.

If you listen very closely you will hear the new Spring Song.
It will fill your soul with gladness, a cadence of delight,
This magic tune will affect you, all through the season long,
And change your balanced heart beat, to its rhythmic rite.

Glenn Bergen, 2012


A Follower Of  The Old Ways

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* Tymbals are located on the base of the cicada and makes that characteristic sound that we hear on warm spring days.


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