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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Sow, my Fathers

Sow, my fathers, in fields of brown.
Reap, my brothers, in fields of green.
Pray, my mother, in fields of white.
Weep, my sisters, in fields of red.

Hail the warriors brave and true.
Honor the kin that fought for you.
Heed the beckons and heed the call.
We'll meet once more in Odin's Hall.

Come my brothers, come my sons.
The battle begins at the rising sun.
Embrace your love by moonlit night.
Morning brings a rousing fight!

Heed the call of the Raven's cry.
Boy, you've caught the Valkyrie's eye!
Raise your banner up to the sky.
Unfurl the colors and let them fly!


Swords are raised and axes flash.
Spears held high in glorious clash.
Arm in arm and shield to shield.
Forward, men and never yield!

Tend the fallen, but not before
You tend the enemies at our shore!
We'll hang our shields upon our beds,
But not before we have their heads!


The field it bears a bitter seed.
The price we've paid that sets us free.
The seasons come and the seasons go.
We only reap that which we sow.



Chief Bard, Whispering Lake Grove, Erie, PA

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