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~ Poetry Duel ~


Soul's Ebb and Flow

How it starts
the killer of Hearts
when the soul goes out of man

Some souls polluted
but most diluted
Tall to Time few things will stand

Ageless things
may yet still sing
if their essence is preserved

But callow Time
binds bitter grime
to the things that it perturbs

Battle's gone
no swords are drawn
but the Warrior's Heart remains

Wealth in great
earns poor man's hate
now covetously holds its gains

All shores are known
save flesh and bone
our longships explore within

Our eyes uncovered
old friends discovered
free us from guilt and "sin"

A poet's thrill
a painter's skill
now tell tales in light and sound

Some things change
some merely range
but the old soul is still around

Matthias Wilson

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