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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Son of Nine Mothers

Son of Nine Mothers, I come to ask you to listen to me.
Son of Nine Mothers, I come to ask you to believe me.

What in your silence is protecting us
Does not make a difference between larger or smaller,
betweem weak or strong.
We all are your children.

Hear our holy desires
See our cries that come to you
Feel the heat of our soul

Heimdall, stir me to match the power of my brothers
And my brothers to equal me;
As a single power of light, peace and confidence we grow,
Evolve and prosper beyond the great land.

Heimdall, make your wisdom conquer my challenges,
My discouragements and my fallen enemies,
To overcome those and what ties me to a lower level.

Heimdall, we will be at your side
Heimdall, we will be at your power´s disposal
Heimdall, we will live by your wisdom

Hail Heimdall, my companion.

© Christian Alencar

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