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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Song at the End of the World

The wind cuts through my greying hair
The world is fading everywhere
the sun is falling to the ground
I hear cries of the wolf unbound

but you are here at last, my friend
to touch me just before the end
I dreamed of holding you so long
your love has been my heart's sole song

Your breath falls softly on my face
I slip into your strong embrace
your eyes burn like a thousand stars
your voice washes away these scars

and soon you will become the fire
the world shall be your funeral pyre
from flames will come the new world's birth
your bones will sing within the earth

your light will never leave my heart
even in death we'll never part
from pain you will be ever free
you'll always have a home in me

Evergrey Lokadottr

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Image: Fire Texture VII by ~Melyssah6-Stock, used according to artist's license.

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