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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Skathi Skis

Skathi skis the snowscape, seeking
Stealthily the prey, unsleeping,
Knows the habits, haunts and holdings;
hones her handling and the keeping
Of the weapon most she’s needing
a weapon unwary ones unheeding
Seeing sharp and shining arrows
but not the nestled, ever-narrowed
Vision, vested with the might
of runes that rule the day and night

Nowhere is it written so,
that Skathi, priestess of the snow,
Would rule with runes, but it may be so…
This mountain Goddess on her skis…
Would win the weapons of friend or foe

And aim with might, and rule with ice,
She knows the fire, She knows the night,
Her eyes see far in winter’s plain
Her hearing’s keen, these mights she’s gained,
Through skills she’s honed (As you can do
Your arrows are the rune songs true)

Skathi knows that concentration,
Breath work and visualization
Make for might, magic, main,
And bring the boldest home again

She will not bend or say “I can’t”
Instead she gives a Scathi chant,
And raises fire from within,
(As you can do, I’ll say again)

A Giant Lass within the fold,
In her honor it is told,
Keep your eyes upon your goal,
Hone your skills if you will know
The mighty weapons to you belong,
The arrows of a runic song….

© Hazel-Kate Dooley

Image: "Trollheimen", used under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

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