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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Skathi, self-sufficient one,
Stealthily plying skill,
Your homeland knows you, Huntress,
As you deeply know these hills
Do you see runes in cold blue air
Or in the breath of ice?
Do you hear in winter stillness
Songs of runic might…?

You were Thiazi’s daughter,
And you married Vanic Niord,
Shining Baldur was your thought,
A contest for a Lord,
Always ready for good sport,
You gambled for the prize,
And chose half blindly, marriage-mate
To mend your angry cries,

Offered in obeisance for
Your father, Thiazi’s, fall
You made your choice,
Forgetting that a huntress, most of all,
Must see with both eyes open,
Fixed upon the sighted game;
Chose your mate by his good standing
And lost the shining fame.

Your father tried to steal away
The Rune Lord’s daily health
Supposing, with dark Loki’s help,
He could gain that wealth,
In supposing such a deed,
Thiazi lost his life instead,
Loki lost his gamble
But your father lost his head,

To steal the apples from Idunna
With their healing star inside,
Then your wrath came calling swiftly, Skathi
On a ski tread tide,
They could not best the Huntress
But the offer the Gods made,
Was a sea-spear timed to pull you in,
Your powers, then to fade;

For upon the mountains you are strong,
And certain-sure and brave,
But the feet of Niord, blindly claimed,
Walk on sea foam waves…
You married Him and bed Him down
And lived by Niord’s game,
But Skathi, your wild mountain heart
The sea God couldn’t tame.

Do you dream of Niord, now
As sheltered embers glow,
In the grey of growing night
And do you think he knows
That when the stars shine silver
Into crystal Hagal trees,
That Winter never fears herself
Nor ice, yet, feels the freeze.

You know yourself
You know your strength
Your eyes upon the goal;
You are the huntress stalking, Skathi,
Freedom of the soul.

© Hazel-Kate Dooley

"Niorder und Skadi auf dem Wege nach Noatun". Wägner, Wilhelm.
1882. Nordisch-germanische Götter und Helden.
Public Domain.

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File:Niorder und Skadi auf dem Wege nach Noatun after an original by W Engelhard by F W Heine.jpg