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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Skadi's Arrival

They killed my father.
I come for compensation for what was done.
I will make them pay,
Whether they agree to my demands or not.

Like the Mountains, harsh and elegant
Standing despite divine torments
As do I.

They thought I would brush this off
Like fresh powder from my sleeve.
I am forged with blood and rage and ice
Hunting rifle at my side, I glide down the slope.

Like the mountains, changing and unchanged
Tune winds from carol to dirge.
As do I.

Tromping through their great lodge in my skis
Frostbitten cheeks and frozen tears
Drunk with vengeance and grief
Grip the Scarmasax in hand

Like a mountain, rigid and tranquil
Standing with pride, despite avalanches
As do I.

Taken by surprise-
No warning but my demands.
Curled fists and itchy trigger fingers
Are all I need and remain.

Like a mountain, sacred and alone
Standing through a broken world
As do I.

One by one they turn to see
To believe the threats hurled from me.
They will listen to me
Before I give them Hel

Like a mountain, cold and still
Standing ice cloaked despite the sun's light
As do I.

One eye sits with two suits close by.
Both whisper in his ears from time to time.
Two jet hounds lie by his feet
Stirring from a deeper sleep.

Like a mountain, overtaking land and sky
Standing through the taunts and lowing cry
As do I.

Thor stands, red hair and braided beard
grabs his heavy taser
To shock or pummel the foe he sees.
One-handed Tyr reaches for his rifle, itching for a fight.

Like a mountain sincere and reserved
Standing with softened snow built on stone
As do I.

They applaud, prepared make amends.
Damned Loki, stands in the corner
Cannot hide the smile from his eyes.
Welcome me in to meet my demands.

Like a mountain, rare and noble
Standing embraced by warmer hills and plains
As am I.


~Lupina24 on DeviantArt

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