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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Skadi of Snows

Giantesses, dangle milk-ice twilight,
Treacherous frost, make the winds glow;
Dark-eyed ermine, turn white
Come, Skadi of the mountain snows.
Hunterís silence, charm the ski
Leave trail sure and silvery,
Scour winterís meadow-stone,
Snowy gift casting on the windís bone;
Skadi mist-singer in the cloud,
Whistle snow-makerís song out loud;
White giantess, beat thunder drum with skill,
Hurl keen-bladed winds down the hill.

Winter-hard men, hail all!
Hear curved mountain hornís call
From giantessís mountain-seat,
Where pale snow falcons meet,
Cold mist-spirits howl,
And silent the darkly speckled owl.
Skadiís men, wear gleaming charm,
Silver frost-spelled against all harm,
Skadiís cloud mingle in your breath,
By frost-holding skill escape your death;
Cunning as ice be hunterís disguise,
Shining his cold watchful eyes;
Find, hunter, the winterís face,
Skadiís snow-milk embrace.
Hiss and flash of wooden ski,
Frosted moon glitters distantly;
Skadi, send the gray wolfís wind,
Make tough as frost iron our skin;
White hare and white fox, creep near
Hunters, cast eager silver spear,
Keen lance flying to icy duty,
Crimson mist in winter beauty.

© Cameron La Follette


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