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~ By Courtesy of Others ~




I raise this horn to the etin bride of winter.
I praise Skaši, fierce warrior,
Defender of Her father.
She is bold, fierce, and vicious in Her cunning.
She is passionate, focused, a steadfast ally.
Bride of Njord, Lover of Woden, fettered by none,
I will seek You, Skaši, in places of solitude.
I will seek You in the icy cold of winter.
The freezing wind is Your breath,
the pristine snow Your mantle.
Formidable huntress, I will be Your willing prey.
Seek me out. I will not flee.
Come into my dark places,
and we will celebrate them together.
I hail You, Skaši. I offer this to You.

© Galina Krasskova 

From:  "Exploring The Northern Tradition"

Image: "Skadi", Illustration by Giovanni Caselli, 1978. Used by permission.

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