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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Sisters Wyrd

Sisters Wyrd
weave the web upon the loom
tangled strands; coming doom
vibrant - glaring - dark and subdued
strands distinct and different hued.

Men - Giants - Gods....their beauty and their horror
all woven together now until forever
upon the loom the sisters weave.
Do you believe...?

I saw this once long ago....
on a distant night
But I mistook the web and called it God
blending all the colors into white.

Tried to lighten the shade of my own thread
Clean and scrub the glaring red.
But I tell you it was all a lie
with nothing there to glorify!

No pattern to behold
give me back the Gods of old.
Explode with color; drench my soul
descend upon the rainbow.

2005 Matilda Marks


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