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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Silent Witness

Sit here now, my kin, in sumbel
Weave your words into the Well
Make your oaths and boast of bravery
And your noble stories tell

But mark you well that empty bench-seat
Over which you’ll pass the horn
The silent goddess sits there waiting
To witness words when vows are born

And to those words she’ll hold you tightly
Pledges made are rist in stone
So mind your speech, my kin here gathered
Or Var’s sharp wrath you’ll face alone

© Joe Mandato, Vingolf Fellowship


Image: "Ydun" by Lorenz Frölich (1820-1908),
Peter Christian Skovgaard (1817 - 1875), and
Johan Thomas Lundbye (1818 - 1848), Denish painters.


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